Gerald “Gerry” Allcock

It is with sadness that I have to report to members the passing of Gerry Allcock. Gerry passed away earlier this week whilst  in hospital,  following a heart attack two weeks before. Gerry had been suffering from Alzheimer’s desease for the last few years .

To those members who new Gerry they will remember him as a kind, generous and passionate fisher and member of Ladffa. During his term as chairman, he oversaw great changes at Ladffa.  He also became an avid “collector” of fishing tackle, and fly tying equipment as a garage full of items tells. He will be sadly missed by his close friends especially the “Last of the summer winers” to which he became the fourth member. The days on his pond at Greendale were a delight, with fishing being a secondary attraction behind the food and drinks shared between those invited for the day. He enjoyed his flyting and he produced some excellent flies which caught plenty of fish.

He will be forever remebered for his work on the egg box scheme, which he started and gave many hours of his time to for  over 9years, a legacy which will always be seen in the genes of the fish stocks on the river Churnet at Eastwall.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his wife Margeret and his family.