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Leek & District Fly Fishing Association was founded in 1972 by a group of anglers from Leek who were disappointed with the lack of fly fishing in the area, particularly river fly fishing. The Association first secured fishing on the river Churnet in 1973, and through good management and maintenance of this stretch of water, the Association’s membership and reputation started to grow.

It’s the strong relationships we maintain with our land owners, the National Trust and the Environment Agency that are essential to the ongoing success of our association. In 2022, LADFFA proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary. Our values remain unchanged – to provide affordable and quality fly fishing to our members. In return we ask our members to respect the waters we fish, the people who visit them and above all the environment of our quarry.


“Sweet is the name of this stream in the ear of the angler. The Dove! Who among the fraternity of piscators has not longed to roam in Walton’s footsteps, and to cast his fly upon the gently-swirling flood between the gray crags of Dovedale? Sooner or later every fly-fisher feels impelled to make a pilgrimage to the Dove.”


Partners we work with

As a club we support and receive support from a number of bodies. Here are just a few.

Our History

1972 – Leek And District Fly Fishing Association was founded

1973 – Secured first fishing on River Churnet at Oakmoor

1974 – Approached National Trust about fishing at Milldale, and downstream at Dovedale

1975 – Acquired Milldale section from National Trust

1976 – Extended fishing on River Churnet

1978 – Acquired further fishing at the top end of the River Dove at Crowdecote

Early 1980?s – Acquired fishing on the River Hamps at Winkhill

Mid 1980?s – Acquired fishing on the Bentley Brook at Bradbourne

1986 – Started a case against Severn Trent PLC for polluting River Churnet, resulting in an out of court settlement in 1992 and £28 million of improvements to treatment plants along length of Churnet

2010 – Incorporated Sheffield Trout Anglers (established 1893), giving access to nearly 4 miles of the upper Dove

2011 – Members voted to cease stocking across all waters on a three-year trial basis.

2011 – Acquired fishing on a new stretches of the Dove and Churnet, below Rocester

2012 – Leek and District Fly Fishing Association will celebrated its 40th anniversary

2015 – Stocking Ceased on all waters

2020 – Purchased the Fishing Rights from the Izzac Walton Hotel for the River Dove

2022- Celebrated our 50th Anniversary


For a more detailed read of our founding the writeup by former treasurer Tony Locker click here