The Churnet


The Churnet at Lord’s Bridge is around three-quarters of a mile of double-bank fishing, and the bottom section is right bank only.

Lord’s Bridge is in a very idyllic setting. Most of our fishing is contained within in a single stretch opposite the car park near to the Rambler’s Retreat restaurant in the beautiful Dimmings Dale. The majority of the stretch is woodland where each season provides the angler and visitor alike with an enjoyable change of character.

The Churnet at this point is a small riffled river with a good head of brown trout and grayling. The river is wade-able, although some of the banks are high and access is to be gained with care, but once in the river the whole length can be fished without the need to leave the river.

There is a very good mayfly hatch and an abundance of fly life exists to help stimulate your selection.

The trout and grayling are plentiful and, though often smaller than on the nearby limestone rivers, they tend to be beautifully wild trout marked with bright orange spots.