The Dove

Derbyshire, Staffordshire

The fishing consists of double-bank fishing from the bottom boundary at Ludwell and continuing upstream to our present fishing at Crowdecote, approximately 3 miles of double bank fishing in total.

The upper Dove is a much smaller river than further downstream, with a sense of isolation and intimacy that you cannot get elsewhere. A 7 to 8 foot rod, 3-4 weight line and fine tippet is required, although not too fine as it’s known to hold some surprises.

It is a smaller and narrower river than further down in Dovedale but its isolation holds an intimacy for the angler that you cannot get elsewhere. Here you will be on your own for the majority of the time, except for the wildlife which abounds in the Peak. Stealth and patience is needed to stalk these fish, and it’s not unusual to find an angler crawling along the bank on his belly.

It does hold some sizeable brown trout, with the biggest fish in recent times being 4lb.