Lower Dove and The Churnet

Derbyshire, Staffordshire

This stretch of the River Dove is between Rocester and Uttoxeter, upstream of the confluence with the River Churnet. The stretch on The Dove is just single (right) bank, but offers some fine fishing in both riffles and deep pools. This short stretch around a quarter of a mile, it is within some of the most prime fishing in the region with the UFFC on the opposite bank and upstream is the prestigious Norbury Angling Club.

There is also running parallel to the Dove about three quarters of a mile of the river Churnet upstream of its confluence with the river Dove, which forms the bottom boundary of the fishing, continuing upstream up to a hedge which runs across the field forming our top boundary. Together the rivers form a large “v” separated by grazing land.

As a trial, trotting with maggot or sweetcorn will be allowed on the Churnet section only, from November 1st until March 14th with both these dates inclusive.