Our fishing includes the gin-clear small streams of the Bentley Brook and River Hamps, the stuff of angling folklore in the majestic Dovedale through a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It’s steeped in angling folklore, with LADFFA members treading in the footsteps of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton, who fished here 400 years ago. The spectacular scenery of the Churnet valley and the stunning natural beauty of the upper Dove where its isolation holds an intimacy for the angler that you cannot get elsewhere. Here you will be on your own for the majority of the time, except for the wildlife which abounds in the Peak. Stealth and patience are needed to stalk these fish, and it’s not unusual to find an angler crawling along the bank on his belly.

The Club continues to look to expand and has recently added the River Manifold into our portfolio

We also have a ticket swap arrangement with several clubs around the UK allowing members to fish when travelling or on holiday!