Bentley Brook


The Association’s fishing on the Bentley Brook runs through the Tissington Estate, making up about a mile or so of double bank fishing in total.

Bentley Brook is a small stream of superb quality fishing that epitomizes true wild Brown Trout and Grayling fishing. The stretch is home to many varieties of insects with good hatches throughout the year and the river is well known for good Mayfly hatches.

Water Voles are also known to inhabit the brook and therefore habitat protection is a high priority so care must be taken when fishing on the river.

The fishing can be difficult but rewarding, where stealth and casting ability are at the fore but the rewards are worth all the frustration with some unexpected catches from this sparkling stream. We do not stock the Bentley Brook and the fish are wild and alert.

Wading is an advantage in parts but beware, the fish know you’re there!