Dovedale limit

I trust all members are having good days on the Ladffa rivers. The Mayfly are beginning to make an appearance and the fish will soon be taking them properly and not the splashy drowning rises first seen as the Mayfly season starts. I did manage a few hours out on Saturday but sadly my old and getting older! knees curtailed my fishing but I did manage three lovely fish. However, my fishing partner who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are! out caught me 6:1 !

A reminder aslo to all members fishing the Dovedale-Milldale stretch, our water doesn’t start until the first wall downstream of the Viators bridge in Milldale conversely the last wall if you’re travelling upstream. The wall has a gateway and a small private fishing sign attached. The committee will try to add a Ladffa sign assuming the National Trust ok its design.

Tight lines