Secretary ‘s Correct Email address

Please note that my correct email address is The handbook on website will be amended accordingly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this error.

  1. Stephen Clarke  Hon Secretary


Working Party River Hamps. Saturday 27th April.

Good morning all, hope you all had a good Easter. This is a polite reminder about the above. We shall be meeting at 09.30 hrs at Station Road, Winkhill which is the top end of our waters. Parking between the main road, A523 and the stile in Station Road. Thank you to those who have already advised me of their attendance. Enjoy the rest of your week, tightlines  Steve Clarke  Hon Secretary. Mobile:07754621012 or

R. Churnet, Lords Bridge and R. Hamps. Winkhill. 12th April 2019. Upper Dove. Crowdecote.

Lords Bridge. The road between Oakamoor & Ramblers Retreat, Red Road, is currently closed. It is hoped will be open again next week. Lords Bridge is still accessible though, via Red Road from Alton.

R. Hamps working party, Saturday 27th April. For those able to attend this working party can you please bring suitable wading gear and either bow saw, loppers or strong secateurs. The majority of the work will be wading downstream and tidying up overhanging bushes, trees, removing dead trees and or other artifacts.  ( I removed a car battery this morning, then spent the rest of the day looking for the car.)

Since the Waltonians  took over part of our fishing upstream, r/hand bank above Ludwell Farm, we have had to change the boundary signage. This was due to an oversight on their part when originally siting their signs. This has now been rectified and the start of their water, downstream from Crowdecote starts at the Pump House boundary wall, not the next field down.

Tightlines, Stephen Clarke. Secretary.