I trust that members will take the opportunity of some fine weather to venture out and have a cast or two.

Early reports show low water but there are still fish being caught. I’m sure that as the weather and the year progresses the fish will start to look up from the river bed for their meals and we’ll see some rising fish.

As we are coming up to the Easter weekend then the popular spots will get busier with the public, who sadly still don’t have the forethought to leave us anglers in peaceful contemplation but would rather persist in stick throwing for their dogs, just as we’re about to cast or disturb the fish we have been watching.  I have a dog who loves the water but a little thought about other river users doesn’t take a lot of effort and increases the pleasure for all. The good thing, especially in Dovedale, the fish are used to the visitors and will come back on station so its us as anglers who are more perturbed by them.

Those members who have the chance to fish midweek will always benefit from those times but for those who can only access the river during weekends then perhaps a visit to our less visited, although no less fishable, waters may increase the day’s enjoyment.

I wish you all tight lines and  a good season.