River Hamps Working Party. Cancellation.

Good afternoon all, have just come back from checking this water, see photos. The fields are very boggy, waters are high and very coloured. Feeder streams into this water are flowing very fast and, whilst not heavy, the forecast is rain through till early morning with possible rain throughout the night & tomorrow. In view of the distance that some of you are travelling I considered it better to cancel now. As far as arranging another party, working or otherwise, I think we’ll leave it till the Autumn. Thank you all for your support. It is much appreciated. For those coming to Don’s Presentation on Tuesday, have a safe journey & I’ll see you there. Have a good weekend and tightlines, Steve Clarke Hon Secretary LADFFA.

WhatsApp site. Inappropriate Comments.

Good afternoon everybody. Can we all, as individuals please be aware of the wording and/or phraseology we use on our WhatsApp site.
Personal opinions are fine but please ensure that any language/terminology used will not be offensive to other members. We are fortunate to have a facility whereby we can share our ‘fishing experiences’, exchange ideas, etc. Let us keep it this way.
Thank you for your understanding. Tightlines, Stephen Clarke. Secretary. asclarke647@gmail.com or 07754 621012

Poachers on the R. Wye, Cressbrook & Litton.

Morning again folks. Just been advised that three persons videoed poaching in Ashford -in-the- Water area on the R. Wye. (Cressbrook and Litton Waters). May well travel down to our area so please be aware. Bailiff has been informed. Thank you.
Steve Clarke. Secretary.

Handling of Fish out of Water.

May I respectfully remind all members of our Catch and Release policy within LADFFA, other than non-indigenous fish, like to e.g. Rainbows.
I appreciate that we sometimes like to share our success via Whatsapp, etc but would refer members to the website of KEEPEMWET. Useful information and advise, which LADFFA support.
Please continue to have a successful season. Tightlines, Steve Clarke. Secretary. asclarke647@gmail.com or 07754 621012.

Working Party. River Hamps. Winkhill. Saturday 11th May. 09.30hrs.

Will those members able to attend this working party please meet in Station Road, Winkhill, for 09.30hrs. Please bring suitable wading clothing, gloves and hand tools suitable for removing thick overgrown vegetation, overhanging branches, etc. May well have to remove other debris! Estimated finishing time will be 12.30hrs. Bacon & /or sausage baps will be available late morning. Can members please let me know if they will be able to attend. Thank you again, have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Tightlines, Steve Clarke. Secretary. Mobile:07754 621012. Or asclarke647@gmail.com

Working Party. River Hamps. Saturday 11th May.

Morning everybody. Further to today’s cancellation, I have rearranged the next working party for the 11th May, meeting at 09.30 hrs in Station Road, Winkhill. Can you please let me know if you are able to attend. Have a good weekend, tightlines, Steve Clarke

River Hamps Working Party and new parking area.

Due to adverse weather forecast for tomorrow it has been decided to cancel the above working party. All those to whom I knew were coming have been advised, but thank you to those who were planning on coming anyway.I will post a news note when the next party is to be, hopefully middle to late May before the Mayfly.

On a positive note, I have recently agreed with Mr Spinks, Papermill Farm, Winkhill that we can park in the lay-by immediately in front of his farm. For those new to the association, this farm is right on the side of the A523, travelling east towards Ashbourne. I will be erecting a LADFFA sign there in next few days to indicate to members where to park. Please recognise that this is someone’s home and work place so do not obstruct any gate ways. Members can now walk down through the farm into the field where our lower beat finishes. Thus avoiding parking in Dukes Lane and negotiating that ‘boggy’ filed!!

Have a good week-end all, tightlines, Stephen Clarke.Hon Secretary.

Secretary ‘s Correct Email address

Please note that my correct email address is asclarke647@gmail.com. The handbook on website will be amended accordingly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this error.

  1. Stephen Clarke  Hon Secretary


Working Party River Hamps. Saturday 27th April.

Good morning all, hope you all had a good Easter. This is a polite reminder about the above. We shall be meeting at 09.30 hrs at Station Road, Winkhill which is the top end of our waters. Parking between the main road, A523 and the stile in Station Road. Thank you to those who have already advised me of their attendance. Enjoy the rest of your week, tightlines  Steve Clarke  Hon Secretary. Mobile:07754621012 or asclarke647@gmail.com