Association Hon Secretary

I would like to advise you all that as from this week I have decided to stand down as the Hon Secretary.
The chairman and Treasurer have been advised and have accepted my notice.
I have agreed to honour those commitments already made by myself regarding social and marketing activities, ie Tenkara Evening and the Manifold Valley Show.
Thank you all for your support, encouragement and assistance in my short tenure as secretary. Tightlines, Stephen Clarke.

Maximum of 3 Rods at Rocester.

Hi Folks, a polite reminder that there is still a maximum of 3 rods fishing at any one time on our waters on either the River Churnet or River Dove,Eaton Dovedale, Rocester.
Please see P16 in your members handbook. Tightlines, Stephen Clarke. Hon Secretary.

Rocester Waters.

Gate over the bridge has now been fitted with a dog chain and clip. Will all members please ensure that they secure the gate by this chain when entering and leaving the field.

CAR PARK. I plan to spray (Herbicide) the car park on Saturday morning, 09.00hrs. If members could refrain from coming until after 10.00hrs, it would be appreciated.

Thank you. Steve Clarke. Secretary. 07754 621012.

Lord’s Bridge Waters, Toothill Area. Situation Resolved.

Further to my news post regarding Alton Castle Archery and our right to fish, I have received an apology from Alton Castle for the behaviour and attitude of one of their staff.
They “absolutely respect our right of access to the river and appreciate that our river bank is well outside the safe recommended distance from the range.”
I think we can ‘put this to bed now’ but please let me know if you experience any other problems regarding Alton Castles’ staffs.
Tightlines, S. Clarke. Secretary.

Cattle Gate on the Bridge @ Eaton Dovedale, Rocester.

Please be aware that the gate on this bridge, currently secured by baler twine and bent wire, is broken. Provisional repairs have been done but the landlord is arranging for this to be repaired properly. Can members please take care until these repairs are completed. Already had one cut hand in the process, don’t want another. (Cattle were sympathetic anyway, even if the wife wasn’t.)

‘Back Casting’ and a ‘lost’ landing net at Milldale.

Can we all please be careful when ‘Back casting’, particularly in areas where members of the public are likely to be walking behind.
The bailiff has dealt with a complaint from a member of the public, via National Trust at Dovedale regarding a back cast on the Derbyshire bank. Please check before you cast for any persons or ‘pets’ that may be too near you.

Dave Blakeman, Bailiff, has also found a landing net up at the Milldale end of our waters. Can the owner please
contact Dave on 07773 110896 to arrange return of this item.

Thank you, have a good day and tightlines. Stephen Clarke. Secretary.

Lords Bridge, Toothill Wood bottom stretch.

There is confusion with Alton Castle as to anglers fishing this water whilst they are doing Archery. I am liaising with parties concerned, including Fenton Anglers. Please continue to fish as normal but be aware of their current ‘thoughts’ on this.

River Hamps Working Party. Cancellation.

Good afternoon all, have just come back from checking this water, see photos. The fields are very boggy, waters are high and very coloured. Feeder streams into this water are flowing very fast and, whilst not heavy, the forecast is rain through till early morning with possible rain throughout the night & tomorrow. In view of the distance that some of you are travelling I considered it better to cancel now. As far as arranging another party, working or otherwise, I think we’ll leave it till the Autumn. Thank you all for your support. It is much appreciated. For those coming to Don’s Presentation on Tuesday, have a safe journey & I’ll see you there. Have a good weekend and tightlines, Steve Clarke Hon Secretary LADFFA.