Fishing shops

Following on from the Orvis shops anniversary ,there is an even older shop in Bakewell which is the Bakewell Fly Fishing shop run and owned by Peter Arfield. The Bakewell Fly Fishing shop has been in Bakewell for a good number of years and was one of the first shops to import American Scott fly rods. If you’re visiting Bakewell make time to visit this little shop up the stone steps in Hebden Court and spend  some time chatting to Peter who is AAPGAI certified and has a wonderful knowledge of local flies and methods.



Orvis at Bakewell is 10 years old in June and they are holding various events to mark this milestone. A special is “pies and flies” will be held on the 24th June. Contact the Bakewell shop on 01629 810226 for dates and other events.

Ladffa members get a 10% reduction at this Orvis shop on production of their members ticket.


Ladffa fishing update

A member has raised a question regarding member safety when asking for ID from other anglers. In most circumstances I would hope that those fishing are members and wouldn’t be against showing their ID, however if the angler approached refuses or gets abusive etc, please do not put yourself in a confrontational situation but walk away and report the incident to me later when your able. Ladffa fishing isn’t worth more than personal safety.

Tight lines


Wading stick find

Hi All

A member fishing the Rocester water on the 2nd November, found a wading stick. Any one who thinks it might be theirs please contact the secretary to get details.


Fish pass

The Environment Agency are going to install a fish pass within the monitoring weir near the Dovedale car park. This work is proposed to be taking place during February/March of 2016. They will also be doing a pre a post surveys and tagging fish they see during the process.

Fish monitoring

The Environment Agency will be electrofishing the lower section of our fishing at Dovedale, below St Marys Bridge on the campsite field, on the 29th September from around 10am. Any one wishing to see the EA in action may do so. For those members who have not seen this before it is very interesting, assuming they do catch a few fish!

Bakewell show

Each year Ladffa is invited to attend the Bakewell Show and so again this year. The show is held over two days the 5th and 6th August. Ladffa will be attending and although the dates are mid week and I know most people will be working, if you do get chance ,please come along and see us in the Angling area. The show has lots of attractions with a show ring and an abundance of shopping and places to eat.


There are very few new things in fly tying and the latest all singing and dancing fly to hit the rivers is the Jingler again an adaptation of an old Clyde style fly it seems to be reaching the parts others flies can’t. There are a couple of tying videos on you tube which give tying details so happy tying and tight lines!

Dovedale limit

I trust all members are having good days on the Ladffa rivers. The Mayfly are beginning to make an appearance and the fish will soon be taking them properly and not the splashy drowning rises first seen as the Mayfly season starts. I did manage a few hours out on Saturday but sadly my old and getting older! knees curtailed my fishing but I did manage three lovely fish. However, my fishing partner who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are! out caught me 6:1 !

A reminder aslo to all members fishing the Dovedale-Milldale stretch, our water doesn’t start until the first wall downstream of the Viators bridge in Milldale conversely the last wall if you’re travelling upstream. The wall has a gateway and a small private fishing sign attached. The committee will try to add a Ladffa sign assuming the National Trust ok its design.

Tight lines


Ladffa renewals

As the new season is just around the corner a timely reminder to those members who have yet to renew their membership, remember you need to renew before taking your fishing trip and don’t forget your rod licence! To all those who have renewed and to all our new members thank you for if it wasn’t not for you Ladffa would not exist and at the end of the day Ladffa is your Association.

Tight lines to all for the new season